Optimize Your CRM Solution to Boost Sales and Drive Growth

Many businesses rely on powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to improve marketing and sales operations.  Just having a CRM solution in place is a start; however, to make a real difference, you need to optimize your use of this technology to boost sales and drive growth.

Business technology is only useful when it’s being used.  While companies find value in deploying a CRM solution, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be used properly, or at all for that matter. Here are several of the top tips for a successful CRM deployment and long-term use:

  1. Strategize goals: Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide greater control and visibility throughout marketing and sales operations as well as provide insight into customer trends and buying behaviors.  You can define goals such as improve customer retention or increase sales, then outline the businesses processes needed to meet those goals.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can then be used to monitor and measure progress and achieve those goals.
  2. Provide ample training: Your software provider can provide the training necessary for users to take advantage of all that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers.  As users discover time-saving tools, such as Yammer and Skype for Business, they can improve productivity and free up more time for customers.  As noted in the infographic, nearly 40% of sales effectiveness initiatives either met or exceeded expectations.
  3. Take advantage of follow-up support: Your IT team and software provider can deliver dependable tech support to your users, no matter where they work.  Answering questions by email, text, web-based, or phone can encourage user adoption and the confidence to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its fullest potential.

Once users understand how easy it is to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the rich information that it can deliver, you’ll find strong support and enjoy a long-term return on investment.  A strong implementation process can improve user adoption which is necessary for optimizing the use of CRM.  Download the infographic and contact Elev8 Solutions Group to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve marketing and sales success, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth.